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Spring has sprung! And what better way to start the new season than to clean out the ol' wishlist and make the things that you've been holding out for your own. From March 28-31st, everything in my store will be 20% off! Thanks to Georgia Grown Kiddos for hosting the link-up!
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Tuesday Art Linky: Rainy Day Pictures

I'm excited to be linking up with Mel again today from Frog Spot for her Tuesday Art Linky!

Whew! Today was one of those days where you look up at the clock and think, "what just happened?" It was quite the whirlwind! But we had the sweetest volunteer come in today from the local college. She worked with the students in the stations, hung out with us during carpet time for a bit, and did a super-cute little painting with the kids. I found the idea here via pinterest (notice the site is not in English--but no explanation was really necessary.)

Rainy Day Pictures!

I just used the liquid watercolor paints and let the kids go to town. After taking their pictures with the GIANT umbrella, I printed it really quickly and my amazing instructional aide cut them out in two seconds. Adorable!


Tuesday Art Linky

I'm so excited to be linking up with Mel from Frog Spot (From the Pond) to share an art project I did with my kiddos today. My kids do not get to go to art class so anything we do in the classroom is all they get. Thank goodness for my parent volunteers! I swear without them  my poor kids would hardly ever get to do crafty stuff. Luckily, I have some of the best parents!!!
You might have seen this floating around pinterest: fork flowers!
All you need is paint, a few forks, and some paper!
 Let the kiddos rock the fork back and forth at the bottom of the paper to make grass.
Add flowers, stems, and leaves.
This was easy, cute, and fun! I hope you give it a try!

Henry Cole Author Visit

Do you know Henry Cole? He is the illustrator and/or author of about a trillion wonderful books! Here are a few favorites that you may recognize.

On Monday, he came to my school for a visit. The man is HILARIOUS. This is a guy who knows how to talk to kids and make them laugh. It was great! First, he told a great story about his childhood, when he got his first sketchpad. I can't even begin to retell it because it will sound mundane coming from me...but he had the kids rolling on the floor! Then, he talked about how he likes to illustrate to music. He turned on an upbeat jazz number and drew this:
And then he put on a soft, soothing song and drew this:

Watching him draw was so mesmerizing! When we got back to the classroom, one kiddo was on the same wavelength as me and asked if we could draw pictures to music like Henry Cole. We often write to soft music in the classroom so the kids were excited about this!
I know I'm going backwards with this post, but we did a few things to get ready for Henry Cole's visit. Of course, we read as many of his books as possible. But we also had a very special visitor prior to Mr. Cole--Truman the goat!
Truman was named after Trudy, and I KNOW!!! He is the cutest, most precious little thing ever. He was having sleepy time in these pictures, but the kids got a huge kick seeing Truman walking through the halls of our school that day.
We also made MOOSEstaches. My kids love the moose books! And really, I was pumped for an excuse to put mustaches on my kids.
We had so much fun with this visit...if your school is looking for an author/illustrator to visit, Henry Cole will not disappoint!

March Currently

Two blog posts in one day is totally acceptable, right? I'm super excited because this is my first Currently link up with Oh Boy, Fourth Grade!

Listening- My husband is watching the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game, and the Plain White T's are performing. I'm actually listening to the sound of my ears ringing from a residual cold/flu situation.
Loving- Joe is the best! It's my night to put our son to bed (we switch off nights), but he is doing it for me because he knows that I will fall asleep and he wants to have a date night and watch a movie. Aww...
Thinking- I should be lesson planning! I am a special kind of disorganized right now after being at school one whole day last week (and we had an author visit that day). I feel like I haven't taught in forever!
Wanting-New clothes...I had one of those breakdowns recently where I tore every item out of my closet in disgust. I don't buy new clothes very often but I am starting to look like a bum. I am ready for spring stuff, but I may be looking at another snow day or two next week. Ugh.
Needing- A hairdryer. I've been doing a curly (lazy) thing with my hair lately, and my hairdryer has no diffuser attachment. This is a problem. If I don't find a diffuser that fits my dryer tomorrow, I'm just getting a new one.
?????- That is the answer. Can you guess what the question is?

Thanks for reading! Happy March! :)
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