Using Exit Tickets in Kindergarten

Hey all! I'm so excited to finally be blogging about something that has made my life so much easier over the past year and a half--using exit tickets! Sound a little heavy for kindergarten? Some people think so. Let me be the first to say that as much as I enjoy meaningful data, I also believe that giving students too many lengthy formative assessments can rob us of valuable instructional time. I want to share how I gather information that is USEFUL, and how I do it QUICKLY. Exit tickets are my answer! 
These really all started with my own personal struggle. You all know that there is just never enough time. I love to spend a lot of time with hands-on experiences, problem solving, and discussion. The paper-pencil task at the end is where I would often run out of time. Sometimes a full worksheet is great, but you don't need one every single day! But if you still want the physical evidence that your students "got it"--and who doesn't-- then the exit ticket is the perfect solution.
You can see from the pictures below that the first student can 1.) recognize the numeral 15, 2.) understand that 15 is ten and five extras, and 3.) fill in ten frames to represent the number 15. When the students are given an exit ticket every single day, you have ongoing evidence that the students are getting the concept you're teaching.
 The student below is clearly in need of some remediation or a check-in. It's not clear from this particular ticket if the student had an issue with recognizing that this shows 17, or simply had a numeral recognition/writing issue (which was the case). But having this in hand was a great springboard for a little check-in with this student.

Exit tickets work great for language arts as well! I use exit tickets to assess letter recognition, rhyming words, CVC words, and more!
Wondering what to do with those little slips of paper once you are done with them? You can simply send these home to show the parents that you are constantly keeping up with how their child is doing. This is what I often do with my language arts exit tickets. I was doing that with my math tickets too until a reader commented that she has her students glue them into their math notebooks! Best idea ever, in my opinion! So now, I often have the students glue their tickets into their interactive math notebooks as well.

Want to give exit tickets a try? You can access an exit ticket freebie right HERE! This freebie is for decomposing numbers, which I think is a great little check to do with your students even if you're not currently teaching that right now.
You can also check out my exit ticket bundles for math and language arts by clicking on the images below. You can also get the sets individually in my TpT shop.

I hope that you will give exit tickets a try in your classroom!

The Power of Positivity!

Today I'm linking up with Gina from Miss Peluso's Kindergarten for her Power of Positivity Linky! I love the idea of reflecting on positive things that occurred throughout the week! This week was for sure an easy transition back for me, as you will see below! 
It was crazy-- 3 snow days this week and a two hour delay! I must admit, I was happy to have the snow days. I was eager to get back to my students, but who can complain when you get the unexpected gift of a day to sleep in? 

I had a student teacher start on Monday. I admit, I was SO disorganized in my preparations for her--as in, they were nonexistent. I had forgotten to ask my school custodian to bring in a desk for her before the break, and I like to get my student teachers a little welcome gift, which I had still not done by Sunday evening. Thankfully,  my Martin's grocery store is open 24 hours and I was able to make an early morning run to pick up some teachery goodies! And I was able to call in to school from the parking lot to have them bring in the desk, which was already in my room before I was Phew! 
 The hubs also started playing roller hockey again (he is an ice hockey guy but we moved to an area where ice rinks are nonexistent). He stopped playing after having back surgery a couple years ago and he is so excited to have something active to do again. He had a decently early game on Monday so I brought Jackson along to watch! Pardon the dark picture! 
The rest of the week was lazy, lazy, lazy. And I'm not even sorry haha. We did venture out on Thursday to shop for a new TV, because the TV in our bedroom looked like this:
 The pretty white "stars" are blown pixels, and I forget what causes the black dots--but it means that it's time for a new TV.
Finally back to school on Friday! Although, we still got to sleep in a bit! We started our unit on fractions, which is always a favorite because we use so much food! 
OH OH OH... and the icing on the cake which I almost forgot about-- my principal let me know that she is sending me to the Virginia State Reading Association Reading Conference in March! I'm so excited!!! I will get to see Richard Allington, Dr. Jean, Donalyn Miller, and many, many, more amazing and inspiring educators! It was a good week! I'll be back to link up next week with more positive happenings from my week! Link up with Miss Peluso to share the positive from your week!
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