The Power of Positivity: My 2 Day Week

I'm back to link up with Miss Peluso's Kindergarten for her Power of Positivity Linky! I'm going to be honest. I was NOT feeling very positive this week. I was sick and confined to my couch and I had the worst. sore. throat. everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. There is nothing worse than a sick preggo who just wants some medicine but can't have it! But then, it was like God looked down upon me and said, "Tiffany, you need your sick days. Here is some snow." So I ended only having school on Thursday and Friday, and they were both 2 hour delays!
I was thankful to have school on Friday because it was my student teacher's last day! I LOVE this printable thumbprint tree from BitsyCreations. It makes the perfect keepsake and it's so stinking cute! Add a Hobby Lobby frame and you're good to go! I also made up a little gift basket in a little Thirty One basket. We missed SO much school since January and I thought that this kinda captured that spirit of snow day craziness. :) 
I also found this freebie from Lauren Livengood on TpT. The students wrote about things a teacher should always do and things that a teacher should never do. My apologies for the crappy picture quality. I was trying to snap some quickly before she came to the room!
Do you have/have you ever had a student teacher? What do you like to do for a farewell gift?


Power of Positivity Linky

I'm back to link up with Miss Peluso's Kindergarten for her Power of Positivity Linky! It's crazy that we went from such decently warm weather to sub-zero temperatures!
I'm super SUPER excited to announce that we found out the gender of our little one this week--and it's a GIRL!!! We prayed for HEALTHY and everything thankfully looked good on the scan. We were completely shocked when the technician said that it was a girl.
So of course I went right to work for the big gender reveal--I wanted to make it fun for my students who have been asking EVERY SINGLE DAY if I am having a boy or a girl!
Friday was a pretty crazy day all around! A Friday PLUS a Valentine's Day celebration? Phew! But we had fun. My administrators came around to each classroom and borrowed a student, but no one knew why until after school when we saw that they had put photos on our school Facebook page, with each student telling why they love us! It was so sweet!
My hubby and son also came to school at the end of the day and surprised me with some flowers from Jackson. :) Joe got them from his school where they sell them to the kids LOL but it was completely precious and it was my favorite bouquet ever. Jackson was so excited to give it to me...melts my heart!
Then my sweet hubby got me some flowers of his own for Valentine's Day. Love that guy!

OK so I didn't talk much about school in this actual post, but I wanted to share my news!!! Tomorrow is a snow day, so that will be positive thing #2 for next week. Haha!


100th Day of School Activities

I think I've finally recovered from our 100th day of School celebration. The 100th day is one of my very favorite days, but I maintain that it is also the most exhausting (well, right behind field trip days!) Here are some pictures to show you how we celebrated this year.

The 100th day is a day that we anticipate and talk up all year long, so the kids are expecting a party! My teammates and I (and my loving husband) blew up 100 balloons to fill the hallway to add to the excitement. And of course, we each had our own fancy dancy door covering to let the students know that there would be tons of fun upon entering!
Oh yeah. And we dressed up like we were 100 years old, and many of the kids did too. This was about celebrating the number (and the age) 100! I was sure to find a nighty big enough to hide my baby bump a little! 
We made ties out of ribbon and card stock. Together, we made 100 tally marks on our ties (this photo was taken during the process). We also made crowns from my 100th Day Pack
Our 100th Day snack was a big hit! We counted out ten sets of ten before counting them by tens and enjoying. Take a look at the photo of the kids counting out their snacks. Notice the mustaches and glasses? They are from a 5.00 kit that I purchased at Wal-Mart. Even the kids who didn't come to school decked out got to feel festive and have their photo taken looking quite dapper.
We drew portraits of what we would look like when we are 100 years old. I have two options for this in my pack--one with room for writing, and one without. Knowing that I had packed a million things into my plan, I opted to use the quicker option.

The kiddos loved the 100 Hershey Kisses Scavenger Hunt! As they found them around the classroom, they placed them on the corresponding number on our hundreds chart. Of course, they got to eat some chocolate as a snack (sorry about the sugar, parents!)
At least we worked some of that sugar off by doing 100 exercises! This is always a favorite of mine. 
After lunch, I set up four stations. Station 1 was putting together a 100 piece floor puzzle. Station 2 was building with 100 plastic cups. Station 3 was building something with 100 toothpicks and marshmallows, and station 3 was creating something with 100 pattern blocks. Easy and fun!
And yes, I took the kids' pictures using the Aging Booth App. I still find it horrifying, but the kids think it's hilarious and they love to see themselves and their friends this way. This is my own little guy who is demonstrating the creepy fun for us all. 

Here is my 100th day post from last year, if you'd like to get see another idea for the 100th day--making pictures out of the numeral 100. I hope you found an idea you like!


February Currently

Every once in a while, I remember to link up with Farley over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for her monthly currently linky! I love reading about what all my bloggity friends are up to. So without further ado:

Listening- I have a 3, soon-to-be 4 year old boy. Need I say more?

Loving- Having a student teacher. I've had a student teacher for the entire month of January. But we have had SO MANY snow days that we haven't had one single full week yet! Luckily, she is great and is taking it all in stride. She already takes over teaching next week! I am sitting here twiddling my thumbs with not having to write lesson plans. Oh, but I'm OK with that. Haha.

Thinking- About the 100th day of school! IF we have no snow days this week, it will be on Thursday! I will probably spend my lack of lesson plan time pinning away ideas. I love the 100th day. It is also the most exhausting day of the school year in my opinion!

Wanting- To do some clothes shopping. My black leggings got a hole in them on Friday. :( Sadness. I've also held out on buying any maternity clothes thus far but I'm running out of workable options in my closet.

Needing- Caffeine! Nothing like being preggo to show you that you had a serious caffeine addiction. I cut out coffee for a little while and now I'm having one cup a day. In 21 weeks, I can go back to my 3-4 cup a day habit. Haha.

Pageant Title- Princess Procrastination. This is pretty self-explanatory. But I really am the world's biggest procrastinator. Someday it will come back to bite me in the butt. TODAY is my day to blog over at The Primary Pack. Um, yeah. I'll have that done soon. If I had to plan for this week I would probably be starting that right about now too. If there is too much time until the deadline, I just can't do it! I can't!!! Anyone else like this?

So tell me--what are your favorite 100th day activities?

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