Five Little Pumpkins Freebie

Hey all! Need a cute little poem activity to get you through the rest of Halloween week? Head over to the Virginia is for Teachers blog and download this freebie! 


Matchbox Car Halloween Gift

Are you looking for a cute and fun idea for Halloween gifts? Check out my post over at the blog See Mama Teach, where you can download a free printable for these car gifts!


Pumpkin Directed Drawings

I have become a little obsessed with directed drawings lately. It all started last year with Proud to be Primary and her Franken-Buddies. I made them with my kids and they were adorable--but I also saw something amazing happen with my students. They were drawing Franken-buddies on their own--all the time--and they were so proud of themselves. I saw the same thing the next month when we made her Turkeys. This year, I knew I wanted to make directed drawings a regular practice. I started out with these easy mice. I think I will try to do a directed drawing once a month--they boost students' confidence in their ability to draw, which is SO HELPFUL for those reluctant writers/drawers.


DIY liquid watercolors

I LOVE using liquid watercolors. They don't get muddy and muddled together the way watercolor trays do. You don't have to continually dip your paintbrush into water to mix the color. It's just plain FASTER. Watercolors are the perfect medium for adding color to directed drawings. Bottom line--they rock! I inherited a huge stash of liquid watercolors 10 years ago when I first started teaching, and I am just now running out (sadness!) So I decided to try to whip up a batch of it myself using dried out washable markers. Because I have so. many. dried. out. markers. Is it just me, or do the cra-z-art caps REFUSE to go back on? Sorry, I digress. Read on for the how-to.
You will Need:
  • Dried out markers-4-5 of the same color
  • About 4 oz. water (ball parking it here... just fill a plastic cup about half way)
Plop the dried-out markers into the water. Leave them there for 24 hours. 

That's it! Simple, right!? And check out how cool the markers look when they come out.
I thought it was cool. 24 hours seemed to be the perfect amount of time. The colors were nice and vibrant!
Test it out and let me know how it worked for you!

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