DIY Glass Rock Magnets

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to show you a fun DIY that could have tons of uses--glass rock magnets!
Here's what you will need:
Large glass rocks from the Dollar Tree
Photos of your students printed out
Mod Podge (I used Elmer's for my tester and it worked great! But I trust and love Mod Podge!)
Magnet circles from Wal-Mart (they are sticky-backed and come in a pack of 18)

The process is so simple. Just plop a rock down on top of the picture and trace it. Then, cut it out and trim it up slightly if it hangs over the edge of the rock at all. 

Now, just paint a thin layer of glue on the back of the rock (the flat side). Then plop that bad boy right onto the picture. After it dries (maybe 20 minutes to be safe), plop the magnets onto the back. 
Ta-da! You're finished! I'm glad I did a tester because as you can see, these turn out way better if the photo has a nice light background. Print your photos big enough to fill the glass rock too.
You could use these for so many reasons! 
1. Lunch count
2. Parent gifts
3. Center/ work station management
4. A magnetic behavior chart

What other uses can you think of? 


Father's Day Gifts from Your Students

Coming up with a Father's Day gift from my students is always such an ordeal for me. Mother's Day is so easy! Something flowery, or some kid-made jewelry, and you're all set. But dads are tougher. I have the same struggle shopping for my own dad and husband, so maybe I just stink at mens' gifts in general. But this year we made something simple and pretty cute, too. I thought I'd share it in case you have the same creative block I normally deal with.
I got everything I needed for this gift at Dollar General! It's closer to me than Wal-Mart or Target, and I have made MANY early morning trips there before school. This particular morning, I found mustache tape, mustaches, and mason jars. Boom.
I sort of helped my students put on the tape, and then let them pick out and apply a fuzzy mustache. They each added ten dum dums and we later added a tag that said "Dad's Stache" because if it isn't punny, it is no good to me. This little Father's Day questionnaire fits with the mustache theme, and also satisfies my need for punny-ness. Grab it for free by clicking and saving the image!

Also, I will never NOT put our Father's Day gifts in these bags. They are just too stinking cute and the parents always get a kick out of them. To make these, just cut down a brown paper bag (I cut off about 3 inches to make them shorter), then cut partway about an inch down on both sides. Fold them in and staple, and then tape a little tie right in the center. It's good stuff.


Tea-Riffic Teacher Appreciation Tags

My son and daughter just finished their last day of preschool and daycare for the summer! What do you do when you have multiple teachers to buy for? Something cute, punny, and simple is perfect to me. So I created these tags to attach to some Snapple tea. I also added gift cards in a separate card, but that's completely optional and not necessary. You could also buy plastic cups in multiple colors, and these would look great on those!
If you enjoy these tags, just snag the image below and print away! Have a tea-riffic summer, y'all!

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