Teachers Who Roe: A Lularoe Review and Giveaway

"Cameron said his new teacher reminds him of you. Because she wears the same leggings."

This is what the parent of a former student told me when I asked how her son was enjoying his new school. Clearly, I'm obsessed.

If you haven't tried Lularoe yet, come on and jump on the bandwagon with us. You will be so glad you did.  If you are already Lula-obsessed and hiding new pairs of leggings from your significant other (just a thing I've heard some people do), this post is for you too!

I love Lularoe because it's both fashionable and comfortable. I go to work every day in cute clothes that feel like pajamas. I dig that instant connection I make with total strangers as we pass each other at the store rocking our buttery leggings. As a mom and a TpT author, I want to support other small businesses, particularly via direct marketing like Lularoe. Supporting other women who are working hard for their families is something near and dear to my heart.
(I didn't take these photos for this blog post. I just love to look at my leggings and snap pictures of them because I'm weird.)

Lularoe has many many styles to choose from. I will admit to having 3 or 4 go-to styles, and I rarely browse anything else. But recently, my friend and Lularoe consultant Kayla Butterworth encouraged me to try a couple of new styles and to step outside my comfort zone. Well, I'm in love.

The Carly
This dress is my new favorite. It's long and flowy, and can be knotted in about a million different ways, allowing you to change up the look entirely. And I'm not talking fancy knotting that you have to be a Boy Scout to do. The above look was achieved by grabbing the fabric and tying it with a pony tail holder on the inside. I got many compliments the day I wore this dress.

The Classic Tee
Until this Classic Tee, the Irma was the only style of shirt I had worn from LLR. I don't know why, but I didn't think it would cover my bum. I'm happy to report that it does in fact provide coverage in the front and back. This shirt is so comfortable, and it goes perfectly with these leggings that Kayla picked out for me. Kayla rocks at putting outfits together!

The Leggings
By now I'm sure you've heard plenty about Lularoe's buttery soft leggings. They are stretchy, comfy, and come in a zillion patterns. Hunting down your favorite pattern can be half the fun of Lularoe. As a friend once said, when you finally try a pair, "may your jeans rest in peace."

For a chance to win your choice of leggings AND a top to rock with them, enter using the rafflecopter below. You will simply need to join the Facebook group LulaRoe by Kayla Butterworth. For an additional entry follow her on Instagram @lularoewithkaylab.
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  1. I love your pencil leggings!!! Super cute!
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