Classroom Tour

Welcome to my classroom!
Here is the view to the left when you first walk in. I don't really have a theme per say, just a basic color scheme I try to stick with.
Straight ahead is my classroom library and bathroom. The U-shaped table is where my paraprofessional works with students when she is in my room. Notice the vinyl spots on the floor for lining up. I got them from ReallyGoodStuff this year and they are wonderful!
Here is another view of this side of the room. We are adding number anchor charts as we make them together. I have a bunch of extra cubbies so I use the top row of them to store my picture books when they aren't in the classroom library. They are in desperate need of reorganization! Along the bottom row, my students keep their book baskets for independent reading. I have a little housekeeping station tucked away in the corner in front of our mailboxes.
I've got no shortage of cabinets in my classroom! These will be covered with posters of some sort at some point. I don't like to hang anything until we've made it a part of our learning somehow--otherwise, it's just wallpaper! Our science station is also here, and to the right of that is our sensory table.
Here is a closer view of our classroom library. I have some clothespins hot glued to the wall to hold anchor charts. The pocket chart is just kind of chillin' there for now until I figure out what I want to put there.
Here is my writing station. Everyone's name is displayed so that the kids can write messages to each other. 
Here is our ABC/Word Work station.
Here is our guided reading table. The chair pockets are from Hermione J. Schwartz on etsy. My curtains are Owl Sky from Dwell Studio, and they are actually shower curtains!
This year, I decided to ditch my traditional clip chart and I went with this positive behavior clip chart from Sarah Plum. I love it! 
Here is our SMART board! The cords on the wall drive. me. crazy. Our rules underneath come from Maria Monore.
Here is our calendar area. To the left of the calendar, I just have sheets of colored cardstock labeled "reading" "writing" "math" and put into sheet protectors. I write a little statement about what we are going to do each day for each subject using dry-erase marker. On this shelf, we store our bins for math stations.
And here is our word wall! The letters are the Facebook fan freebie from Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits! My word wall words are printed on cardstock and laminated. Then, I put magnetic tape on the back. That way, students can take down a word when needed and interact with the word wall!
Here are our classroom computers. I love having this easy fake bulletin board to display students' work. Whoever came up with this clothespin idea is an absolute genius. The treasure chest is part of our school-wide PBIS (positive behavioral interventions and supports) system. 
So that's pretty much it! I hope you enjoyed my little tour!

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